Savannah Jade Marney is the J. Nevis Bursary Recipient for 2016

The Blue Collar Foundation aims to inspire and create change among the youth of Cape Town. Our main focus is to assist in creating opportunities that encourage the youth to dream beyond the means of their social-economic backgrounds. On Friday, the Blue Collar Foundation will be making one young Capetonian’s dreams come true at the 15 on Orange Hotel. The foundation is excited to send its first student to a tertiary institution with the J. Nevis Bursary in 2016. The board of trustees were delighted and impressed with all the applications received from across the Western Cape, especially with Savannah Marney’s application.

Savannah has been chosen as the recipient of the J. Nevis Bursary. The bright and hardworking student matriculated with five distinctions from Ocean View Secondary School. Savannah has been accepted to the University of the Western Cape’s Law faculty. The year 2016, marks the beginning of her four year journey working towards an LLB degree. Growing up in Ocean View, Savannah has not only experienced difficult financial setbacks but significant health issues too. Savannah is living with lupus, she was diagnosed in 2013 and she’s responding well to treatments. Despite all these obstacles, Savannah persevered through her school career with a sense of purpose and her results show it. As Savannah is a shining light of hope for her family and friends, she will undoubtedly be a great inspiration to the Blue Collar Foundation and the Cape Town youth.

The Blue Collar Foundation would like to thank Impendulo Resource Centre and Via Afrika for its contributions to the J. Nevis Bursary. Impendulo Resource Centre was generous enough to match Jimmy Nevis on his financial contribution to the bursary. Via Afrika joined hands with the foundation by sponsoring the student’s second and third year of study which will be based on merits.

Jimmy is calling for all Matrics who would like to follow in Savannah Marney’s footsteps to start preparing now. Head to the universities to pick up application forms, research available bursaries and other financial assistance options, and discover a career path you’d be excited to follow. A great companion on this journey would be Via Afrika’s Career Compass app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The app helps students to determine which field of work is best suited for them based on their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Photography: Jared Swarts and Abdura-ouf Bessick