Ways To Give Back This Festive Season

You don’t have to spend loads of money to make a difference this Christmas. Your compassion, time and commitment to spreading the jolly spirit are all it takes to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Here are some ideas on giving back this festive season:

Donate Toys To A Local Children’s Home

These holidays buy one/two extra toys or create goodie bags of Christmas treats for kids who may not be as lucky/fortunate as your own children. Spread the festive cheer even further by extending the offer to the rest of your family. On Christmas eve, head out to the nearest orphanage or shelter to drop off the collected gifts. Include your kids in the giving spirit when you hand over the gifts. Here’s a list of places to go to around Cape Town:

–¬†Ihata Shelter
St. Georges Home For Girls
Alnoor Orphanage
Holy Cross Child and Youth Care Centre
Nazareth House
St Anne’s Homes
The Ark

Bake A Dish For A Family In Need

Put a little extra time aside to make two servings/portions of your favourite dish and drop it off at a neighbour’s house who are going through a difficult time this season. Whether there’s been a death in the family or a family is experiencing financial strains, helping out a neighbour with Christmas cooking could help lighten the load and lift spirits.

Pack Up Christmas Leftovers For Those On The Street

In most homes, there are plenty of leftovers packed to be enjoyed over the next few days. This Christmas, pack up some leftovers as food packages for the homeless. En route to family members or the next vacation destination, load the leftover boxes into the car and hand them out to anybody in need along the way. Or, you can drop off the boxes at night shelters to be handed out.¬†Here’s a list of shelters around Cape Town:

Haven Night Shelters
The Homestead Project
Stellenbosch Night Shelter
Elim Night Shelter