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The Blue Collar Foundation is a philanthropic initiative that hopes to inspire and create change among the youth of Cape Town. Our main focus is to assist in creating opportunities that encourage the youth to dream beyond the means of their social-economic backgrounds. 'Blue Collar was the first song I recorded for The Masses album. The lyrics were inspired by a quote that my mom would always say to me through the hardest of times. ‘I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but we have to believe.’ This is the mantra of the Blue Collar song and also what the Blue Collar Foundation hopes to instill within the Cape Town community' - Jimmy Nevis. The official launch of the foundation happened in July 2015. We also awarded the first J.Nevis Bursary at the beginning of 2016. We saw our first 2 graduates in 2020.

  • Meet Jimmy Nevis

    Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Jimmy Nevis is a young (28 years old) alternative pop singer/songwriter and producer. Signed to Cape Town record Label, Rude World Records, with a publishing, licensing and distribution deal with David Gresham Records for his debut (Subliminal) and sophomore (The Masses) albums. Jimmy has received extensive commercial radio success in South Africa with the airplay of a number of hit singles including Heartboxing , Balloon, 7764, All About It, and Misscato. Nevis: "I'm trying to get South Africa back into pop music. I think it's so neglected and undermined and I love the fact that I can be a part of someone's memory. Pop music has that power. I feel like I've been wanting this for so long that I have to embrace it." Nevis has been very fortunate to share the stage with some of South Africa’s top musicians - getting the opportunity to work with the best in the business. In 2013 he collaborated with the likes of Mi Casa, Pascal & Pearce and Kwesta, and features on their recently released albums. Multi-Award Nominated - Nevis is a force to be reckoned with it comes to making South African Music with International Appeal. He has also opened up for international acts Tevin Campbell and mega-superstar Pharrell Williams. In 2015 he, along with Cassidy Emmanuel, founded the Blue Collar Foundation and is passionate about growing the team and creating change among the youth of South Africa.


J. Nevis Bursary

One of the first projects to be launched by the Blue Collar Foundation is the J. Nevis Bursary that will contribute towards the funding of an underprivileged high school student(s) seeking tertiary education

Shelter & home visits

The heart of our foundation is working and uplifting the youth in our communities. With a group of volunteers, the BCF visits various shelters and homes. We deliver care packs, blankets and spend time getting to know the people in our communities.

Blue Drives

The Blue Drive is a community focus project that encourages public institutions to donate resources and basic need supplies in aid of supporting shelters and those in need e.g. toiletries, blankets etc.


Twice a term the BCF hosts intimate panel discussions around various schools in Cape Town. We invite influencers, lecturers and entrepreneurs to share their story and interact with grade 11 and matric learners.

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